Your Guide To Date Ideas Across The World


Do you have trouble picking good date spots or coming up with decent date ideas? Have you been having bad luck when it comes to getting second dates? Are you thinking that your first dates might be disappointing and you are wondering how to improve them? Do not worry, you are not alone in this struggle—many people all over the planet have trouble when it comes to being knowledgeable about date ideas and date spots! That's where HookupCloud comes in. No matter where in the world you are, HookupCloud.com can help you find the best date ideas and the hottest date spots in your country and in your city!

In this guide, Your Guide To Date Ideas Across The World, you will discover the history of dating, date ideas, and date spots across the world, as well as dozens and dozens of country-specific and city-specific pages which detail all the best date ideas and date spots in that area. Read on and get all the information you need!

Dating 101: The History Of Date Ideas, Courtship, and Relationships


Before we get into the best date ideas and date spots across the world, we want to make sure we cover the basics first: What Is "Dating"?, Dating Before 1700: Economic Stability & Political Alliances, and Dating After 1700: Empowerment Of The Individual. Those are the three sections that you will find in this section, all in greater detail below. Read through them, even if you think you already know the basics of dating—you may be surprised by some facts that you never knew you never knew!

What Is "Dating"?

So, what is dating? How does one define "dating"? Well, Merriam-Webster says dating is "to go out on (usually) romantic dates". Wikipedia say dating is "a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other's suitability as a prospective partner in a more committed intimate relationship or marriage." We choose to define dating as something somewhere in between, but along the same lines as both those definitions.

Dating Before 1700: Economic Stability & Political Alliances

Dating, as far as we know it, has only really existed for the past few centuries. It wasn't until humans moved past the hunter-gatherer years and into the age of civilized society that marriage and relationships really took on a new role. Prior to 1700, the "dating" period was more or less a formality, as marriage pairings were chosen by the parents of those involved. These couplings were put together with the goal of establishing legacy and gaining economic stability and political alliances. Often, marriages were also transactional, with property being exchanged between father and husband. Love and adoration had nothing to do with the decision-making processes, and romance was general reserved for discreet meetings outside of marriages.

Dating After 1700: Empowerment Of The Individual

After 1700, there was a worldwide movement that that took hold, focused on the empowerment of the individual. Speaking with regards to politics, finances, and society, men and women began to become more equal in many nations across the world. Laws changed which allowed women to own property, vote, and receive equal treatment to men. This empowered women to start making more of their own choices—including choosing a husband. Women and men began choosing whether they should marry, whom they should marry, and when they should marry, without heavy parental influence. Dating became a self-initiated activity between young men and women looking to go out in public together and assess each other as potential partners.

Dating 102: The History Of The Bar & Club Scene As Date Spots


We all know that grabbing a drink at a bar is the go-to of date ideas in westernized countries, but do any of us know why? In fact, do we even know how bars and clubs came to be? Or, more specifically, how they came to be date spots? Those are all the questions we plan to answer for you here in this section. That, and—just for fun—we are also going to go over the different types of bars and clubs that you can encounter!

The History Of Public Drinking Spaces

The history of bars can be traced back to the taverns of Romans around 27 BC. The first US bar was established in 1634. Fast forward to the colonial era of the Unites States and you will find that taverns still exist and are now an important meeting place for businessmen, military groups, and more. Fast forward again and taverns have been replaced by saloons, important for the working class looking for places of leisure. Today, bars and clubs are the perfect place for those looking to find both relaxation and date spots.

Bars & Clubs As Date Spots

As we all well know, alcohol acts as a natural social lubricant, dulling inhibitions and making it easier to approach strangers, start conversations, and get closer physically. This is the main reason that bars and clubs became popular as date spots. The other reasons being that they are generally well-know public landmarks (making them excellent locations to use as meeting places for dates) and that they are accommodating for meetups because they offer shelter, seating, and often food items.

Types Of Bars & Clubs

There are many, many types of bars and club date spots across the world, and the following list is in no way all-inclusive. First of all, bars and clubs can be defined by the type of entertainment they offer: sports bars, music bars, karaoke bars, dance clubs, comedy bars, blues bars, and so on. There are also bars which can be defined by the type of alcohol they offer or specialize in: wine bars, beer bars, non-alcoholic bars, or full bars (this last one is a bar which serves beer, wine, liquor, and cocktails). Bars can also be defined by their level of prestige—for example, a dive bar is considered informal, low class, and disreputable, while a "fern" bar is considered upscale and pandering towards preppy or yuppie clientele.

The Best Of The Best Date Ideas & Date Spots

Below, we will discuss the best date ideas and date spots throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada along with our extensive directory of country and city pages which we have researched and written just for this guide.

The Best US Date Spots

With land that covers 3.8 million square miles, it can be a challenge to pinpoint the best US date spots across the country, but we have done our best to give you a little taste of everything in our suggestions below. As we explained above, the go-to for date spots is always going to be bars and clubs, so we decided to start off with that and give you a comprehensive list of what we consider to be the best bars and clubs in America. After that we will offer you a few additional US date spots and include links to all our individual US country and city pages so that you can uncover the best US date spots in your area.

Notable US Bars & Club Date Spots: Half Step in Austin, Texas; Milk Room in Chicago, Illinois; Everson Royce Bar in Los Angeles, California; Death & Co. New York City, New York; The Magdalenae Room in Providence, Rhode Island; Bar Agricole in San Francisco, California; Diamond Reef in New York City, New York; Elsie's in Santa Barbara, California; Gooski's in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; BackBar in Hudson, New York; Julep in Houston, Texas; Slowly Shirley in New York City, New York; Barnacle Bar Seattle, Washington; The Baldwin and Sons Trading Co. in Woburn, Massachusetts; Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco, California; Spirit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Trick Dog in San Francisco, California; The Broken Shaker in Miami Beach, Florida; ROKC in New York City, New York; The Walker Inn in Los Angeles, California; Nick's English Hut in Bloomington, Indiana; The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog in New York City, New York; Aviary in Chicago, Illinois; Bar Goto in New York City, New York; and The White Water Tavern in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Other Notable US Date Spots: Museum Of Modern Art in New York City, New York; coffee houses in Seattle, Washington; World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska; Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre in Denver, Colorado; The French Lick Resort in French Lick, Indiana; and more.

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The Best UK Date Spots

The United Kingdom is much smaller than the United States with just over 93,600 square miles of land, but unlike the US, the UK has four different constituents: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Each of these four have their own unique culture and dating attitudes, making the whole of the United Kingdom a very interesting place for date ideas and date spots. Below you will find our recommendations for both bar/club and non-bar/club UK date spots, along with a directory listing of all our city pages for UK date ideas in your area!

Notable UK Bars & Club Date Spots: Mark's Bar at Hixter in London, England; Slim's Pork Chop Express in Liverpool, England; Punch Room in London, England; The Devil's Advocate in Edinburgh, Scotland; Red Light in Bristol, England; White Lyan in London, England; Neighbourhood in Manchester, England; The Ape & Bird Public House in London, England; Bramble in Edinburgh, Scotland; Coal Vaults in London, England; The Milk Thistle in Bristol, England; Opium in London, England; Duke of York in Belfast, Northern Ireland; Sugar Nite Club in Londonderry, Scotland; Kench & Bibesy in London, England; Ginhaus Deli in Llandeilo, Wales; Bar Termini in London, England; Merrie England in Blackpool, England; Original Sin in London, England; Ten Mill Lane in Cardiff, Wales; Oriole in London, England; Baravin in Aberystwyth, Wales; The Blue Bar at The Berkeley in London, England; Artigiano in Cardiff, Wales; and Dandelyan in London, England.

Other Notable UK Date Spots: Natural History Museum in London, England; castles all over the countryside; Close Gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland; ghost walks in Cardiff, Wales; Camera Obscura and World of Illusions in Edinburgh, Scotland; and more.

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The Best Canada Date Spots

Canada is the second largest country in the world (after Russia) with over 3.85 million square miles of land. Although there is a TON of space for Canada date spots, you will find that most of them fall within the major Canadian cities, all fairly close to the US border. Below, just as with our previous two sections, you will find our recommendations for bar and club Canada date spots and additional Canada date spots, as well as our directory listings of all our Canadian city pages!

Notable Canada Bars & Club Date Spots: Food & Liquor in Toronto, Ontario; Noble in Halifax, Nova Scotia; The Shameful Tiki Room in Toronto, Ontario; The Roost Social House in Winnipeg, Manitoba; The Tannery in Fredericton, New Brunswick; NWT Brewing Company in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories; EXP Restaurant + Bar in Vancouver, British Columbia; The Storm Crow Tavern in Vancouver, British Columbia; Cilantro and Chive in Lacombe, Alberta; Wild Rose Brewery in Calgary, Alberta; Track & Field in Toronto, Ontario; Big In Japan in Montreal, Quebec; El Caballito in Toronto, Ontario; Le Saint Sulpice in Montreal, Quebec; Miss Things in Toronto, Ontario; Serve Ping Pong in Hamilton, Ontario; To The Lost in Red Deer, Alberta; The Split Crow Pub in Halifax, Nova Scotia; Skin+Bones in Toronto, Ontario; Big Bad John's in Victoria, British Columbia; Parts & Labour in Toronto, Ontario; Blind Tiger Coffee Co. in Winnipeg, Manitoba; Grey Tiger in Toronto, Ontario; Union Local 613 in Ottawa, Ontario; and Bartari Videogame Restaurant & Bar in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Other Notable Canada Date Spots: Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Ontario; Butchart Gardens in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia; Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, Ontario; Whistler Bungee in Whistler, British Columbia; and more.

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Get Even More Date Ideas & Date Spots Information


If you are looking for more information on date ideas and date spots than you can find on this page, there is a reason for that... this is just the beginning! All the information you see here is just a precursor to what is contained deeper within this guide. As you have seen before, we have also researched and written pages for date ideas and date spots for three different countries as well as dozens of cities within each one. So, before you go looking elsewhere for more information, why not check out the page for your country or your city first?

If you don't want to scroll back up, you can find our country pages by clicking the following links: US Date Ideas, UK Date Ideas, and Canada Date Ideas. To access our city pages and the information about date ideas and date spots in those cities, you can click the appropriate country page above and then find the city page link within, OR you can scroll back up and find them all listed up above.

Still feel like you need more? Okay, fine... we'll help you with that, too! Below, you will find additional information on dating, date ideas, date spots, and more!

Your Guide To Date Ideas Across The World

No matter where in the world you are, HookupCloud.com can help you find the best date ideas and the hottest date spots in your country and in your city!

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