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Nicole Richie

Nicolerichie.com has everything that you need to know about style and life. There are a ton of blog posts that Nicole Richie herself has written. Nicole is most famous for her hit show The Simple Life and is also the daughter of Lionel Richie. If you are a fan of hers and have yet to check this website out, go now!

Nicole Richie's Blog has everything you need to know about style, fashion & life!

  • Style & Fashion Blogs
  • Lifestyle Blogs

Khloe With A K

Khloe With A K is Khloe Kardashian's blog. If you don't know who the Kardashians are, you have probably been living under a rock for your entire life. Khloe gives out tips about life, love, relationships and of course style. What would the girls be without their style!

Get advice on life, love, relationships and style from Khloe Kardashian herself.

  • Receive tips on life, love, relationships and style!
  • True stories that you cannot find anywhere else
  • & Lots More!

Aziz Is Bored

Aziz is Bored is one of the best and most favoured celebrity blogs on the internet today. Aziz Ansari is a wonderful comedian, writer and actor who has lots of knowledge and wakefulness and the world around him. Through his television show Master of None and his blog, you are able to see that he is a lot more than just a laugh.

Aziz posts about life, love and understanding the world!

  • Hilarious content about life & love!
  • Great stories & storytelling by Aziz himself.

Whitney Port

Whitneyport.com is where The Hills star can be found on the daily. She does keep under the radar for the most part, but this girl knows what she is talking about when it comes to fashion. If you haven't heard of Whitney Port but are looking to be in the fashion industry, this is where you can find out more about the young star.

Whitney Port blogs about Fashion!

  • Fashion Blogs
  • Talks of The Hills
  • Love & Life

Wil Wheaton

WilWheaton.net is where you can stay up to date on everything Wil Wheaton! This American Actor is most well known for his roles in Stand By Me playing the role of Gordie, and as also known for his role in The Big Bang Theory. He also does lots of voice acting, blogging and writing ontop of his acting career.

Check Out wilwheaton.net for everything you're wondering about him and his life!

  • Lifestyle
  • About Wil Wheaton's Life

Matthew Gray Gubler

Matthewgraygubler.com is the home of Matthew Gubler. For those of you who aren't familiar with the name, Matthew is an Emmy award-winning actor, director, producer, painter, and voice-over actor. He is busy but is also passionate about his blog. He is best known for his role on Criminal Minds

Matthew Gubler tells you what it's like to have a life like his, and what to expect from his work.

  • Tips, Tricks & Advice
  • Personal Stories!
  • The importance of balance between work and person life.

What The Chung

Jamie Chung is an actress & blogger who has a passion for many different things. If you are interested in not only hearing about beautiful fashion tips but also her struggles and uplifting stories about strength and hope, check out this fantastic blog!

Jamie Chung has many things to say, and only has a blog to say them on.

  • Style, Fashion & Beauty
  • Spirituality & Setting Goals
  • Travel
  • & Lots More!

Shay Mitchell Daily

Shaymitchelldaily.net is where you can find everything to know about your girl Shay Mitchell. She is an actress, model, entrepreneur, and author. She is also best known for her main role in Pretty Little Liars. Stay updated with Shay by visiting shaymitchelldaily.net

Shay Mitchell hands out information on her life and self for those just beginning to find themselves.

  • Lifestyle
  • Photos, Fashion, Beauty and Style blogs
  • Twitter & Instagram Posts
  • Stay updated with Shay's daily life.

Ring My Bell

Ashley-ringmybell.com began as a blog for Ashley Madekwe to keep her friends and family updated while she traveled the world as an actress. It soon turned out to be a lot more popular than she had ever planned. She now writes about Travel, Interior Design Tips, and Beauty & Fashion.

Ashley Madekwe is definitely a jack of all trades! She knows what's up!

  • Travel Info & Updates
  • Interior Design Tips
  • Beauty, Fashion & Style Blogs

Harry Shum Jr

Harry Shum Jr is an actor who is best known for his roles on Shadow Hunters, Single By 30 and Crazy Rich Asians. He is constantly traveling, working, and writing. He has a passion for all he does and loves to share his experiences with his fans & the world!

Everything About Harry Shum Jr & His Everyday Life!

  • Lifestyle, Everyday Life Blog Posts
  • Interviews, Videos, Gossip
  • Social Media
  • Interviews & More!

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