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Transgender Hookup Forum Sites



TGBoards.com — Talk about everything from sex and relationships to politics and current news on TGBoards.com. As an open-minded transgender community platform, all are welcome to join and participate in healthy, constructive and fun conversation, regardless of how you may identify. Come and start interacting now!

TGBoards.com has all the most interesting discussions happening now with more and more members constantly joining!

  • Chat on Hookup Forums
  • Search for Other Members and Potential Hookups
  • Get Help or Advice with Personal Struggles
  • Give Answers to Others' Posts


HipForums.com is your interactive portal for everything relative to you! Chat with tons of other members regarding topics that are hot and current in the transsexual community and have your voice heard. Or do you need answers to some burning questions you have? Maybe you could be the one who instigates the next hot topic!

HipForums.com has all the chat topics you can imagine! Join in on one now!

  • Transgender Hookup Forum
  • Post Whatever Is On Your Mind
  • Add to Any Conversation You Are Interested In
  • Make New Friends
  • Feel Confident and Comfortable


LGBTChat.com is the safe, welcoming forum website for all LGBTQ members to share experiences and advice with one another. No matter where you go on this website, you will always find a safe place to chat.

LGBTChat.com has countless topics and new discussions beginning at all times of the day!

  • Chat Casually With Various Members
  • Ask Questions You May Have
  • Trans Hookup Forum
  • Make New Friends, Hookups & Connections!
  • Post Personal Ads
  • Join the Community


SwingFree.co.uk holds the most lively transgendered forums and discussion boards in the United Kingdom. Talk sex, relationships, and hookups in this open-minded environment where you'll surely spark interesting friendships and conversations among countless users! Join SwingFree.co.uk and become a member now to gain access to more content and more potential hookups!

SwingFree.co.uk is the top trans hookup forum around with event information, personal ads, and more!

  • Transgendered Swinger Ads
  • Relationship Forums
  • MultiMedia Galleries
  • Sex Shop
  • Live Stream SwingFree TV


TransLadyboy.com is the top transexual hookup forum with pages upon pages of active chat forums happening right now! See which users may catch your eye with personal ads, or respond to general posts where you feel you may have something to say about it. Join as a member to gain access to personal messaging and more!

TransLadyboy.com has all the information you could desire and more!

  • Member Lists For Searching Potential Partners
  • Post or Respond to Personal Ads
  • Meet New Friends
  • Talk Trans Hookups and More
  • Ask Questions to the Community


TransPassions.com is the top trans social networking platform where you come to meet, flirt and hookup with those who catch your eye. Connect with members from all over the world via member searches and galleries, hookup forums and webcam chats. Join the discussion in the lively forums to start flirting with other trans users today!

TransPassions.com is the home of the largest transsexual user community online!

  • Participate in Hookup Forums
  • Meet Other Trans People Around the World
  • Add Friends and Create New Connections
  • Flirt in Live Chats


MyHusbandBetty.com is the forum website by and for the trans community, used to discuss everything related to sex, relationships, family, or any current hot topic. Everyone knows there is strength in numbers, so grow your support system and social network to enhance your lifestyle and get exactly what you are looking for! Whether you may be seeking advice about something or searching for your next fling, MyHusbandBetty.com has it all for you!

MyHusbandBetty.com has all the hottest, most vibrant conversations; they're happening now!

  • Hundreds of Discussion Topics
  • Interact with Members on Hookup Forums
  • Grow Your Social Network


TGirlForums.com is the online forum you need for your ladyboy needs and to stay informed on everything happening in the community. From general hookup forums to T-girl escort reviews, there is always something exciting happening on TGirlForums.com.

TGirlForums.com has the most T-girl users around! Along with the exciting chat forums, check out the media board with constantly new content including pictures and videos of the hottest T-girls!

  • Trans Hookup Forum
  • Meet New Friends
  • Great Conversation and Tons of Active Users
  • Countless Topics and Discussion Boards


GenderSociety.com is the place where you'll find all the most interesting debates and discussions surrounding the transgender community. Get real thoughts and advice from real users who are eager to share their experiences and knowledge to the rest of you!

GenderSociety.com has all the transgender fun you can imagine! Come and join in on all the conversation happening at GenderSociety.com

  • Trans Hookup Forum
  • Get Relationship and Personal Advice
  • Meet New Trans People
  • Discuss Topics That Matter To You
  • Become a Member for Full Access


Tagged.com — Whether you are an admirer of transgendered people or identify as one yourself, there is plenty of excitement and conversation to go around in the forums on Tagged.com. Search for nearby hookups are speak your mind to the public and catalyze the next best hot topic on the board! Anything you desire is within your grasp at Tagged.com!

Tagged.com has tons of transgendered users waiting to meet you!

  • Get Into Great Conversation
  • Meet Trans People in Your Area
  • Participate in Hookup Forums

#1 Transgender Hookup Forum Sites

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