Dating In America: The Best US Date Ideas & US Date Spots


Think you have the best date ideas? Think you know where the best US date spots are? Think again. HookupCloud has the scoop and can tell you everything! We have been tirelessly researching the best US date ideas and US date spots all across the country, coast to coast, city to city! By providing you with this information, we hope we can give you the power to have successful dates no matter where you live, work, or visit in this great nation we call the United States of America!

Here on this opening page, you will find our recommendations for country-wide US date ideas, city-specific date ideas, and the best US date spots, plus you can explore our complete directory of US date ideas and US date spots by city and access additional resources if you need further information. Let's get started!

US Date Ideas: Guaranteed Good Dates, No Matter Where You Are

There are two kinds of US date ideas, at least in our books: date ideas that work in every US city and date ideas that are specific to their US location. When you are planning a date, this is something you can take into consideration. Country-wide US date ideas are easy to plan, especially if the date is last minute or you just don't have time to think of something more specific. City-specific US date ideas require you to know your area a little better, or at least be willing to put some time into researching more specific US date ideas in your city. Luckily, no matter which route you choose, HookupCloud has got you covered! Below, we will give you some prime examples of US date ideas in both of these categories of discuss some of our favorites in each category.


Country-Wide US Date Ideas


When it comes to US date ideas, there are plenty of safe bet date ideas that will work no matter where you are in the Unites States. Below, we will list all the best options for date ideas that can be had in any city across this great country and give some examples of the types of US date spots you can visit to make your date ideas a reality!

Dinner & A Movie

A first date classic, dinner and a movie is one of the safest US date ideas out there. For dinner, you can check your local city papers or blogs for reviews of new restaurants and information on hometown favorites (or scroll down to access our best US date ideas for your city). In Chicago, you could check out Girl & The Goat. In Miami, you could go to Yardbird Southern Table & Bar. For the movie, you could visit one of AMC's 626 US theaters, one of Regal's 588 US theaters, or one of the countless other theater chains we have here in America. For a twist on the classic, you could bring your date to the local film festival or repertory cinema (a theater that specializes in showing older classic and notable films).

A Day At The Museum

Even the smallest cities in America will have some kind of museum and spending an afternoon learning and appreciating history, science, culture, and/or art together makes for one of the best country-wide US date ideas. In Boston, you could check out pieces from artists like Monet and Picasso at the Museum of Fine Arts. In Los Angeles, you could visit the Natural History Museum, the Petersen Automotive Museum, or the California Science Center. Smaller cities will, of course, have smaller museums, but they will be there nonetheless!

Coffee & Conversation

Coffee houses are a staple of any American community, so it makes sense that "grabbing a cup of coffee" has become a classic of US date ideas. Sitting down with a cup of coffee and sharing a get-to-know-you conversation is a great choice for a date because it is easy, simple, and not a big time commitment if you want to test the waters with a new person. In Seattle, you could grab some java at a number of places, like Seattle Coffee Works, Milstead & Co., or Slate Coffee Bar. In Milwaukee, you get grab a cuppa at places like Stone Creek Coffee, Alderaan Coffee, or Anodyne Coffee and Pizza for a twist on the classic!

An Afternoon In The Park

Not only is an afternoon in a local park a classic, but it is also one of the only free US date ideas out there! You can enjoy the sunshine, pack yourselves a picnic, or take a long stroll—all without spending a dime. In New York City, you can check out Central Park. In San Francisco, you can spend the afternoon at Golden Gate Park. In San Diego, you can visit Balboa Park. In Chicago, you can go to Humboldt Park. The list goes on and on...

A Tourist's Walking Tour

Another of our great US date ideas is this: treat your city like a tourist visiting it for the first time. You'd be surprised how few people do not take the time to explore their own city, so even if you have made the round, chances are your date has not. Hit up all your city's historical and cultural centers and monuments, visit its nooks and crannies, explore its natural elements—do everything a tourist would do!

City-Specific US Date Ideas

Contrary to country-wide US date ideas, city-specific US date ideas can only be put into action if you live in certain cities or areas of the country. Below, we will go through the best options for US date ideas that are specific to certain cities and give some examples of the types of US date spots you can visit if you happen to live in the cities that we mention.

And don't forget: below, in our section Dating Across America: Your City By City Guide To US Date Ideas & US Date Spots, you will find links to all the pages in our directory where you can view US date ideas and US date spots listed by city so even if we don't mention yours up here, you will probably find it down there!

Natural Wonders

Many cities across America have natural wonders nearby that you can explore. Not sure what we mean? Think waterfalls, canyons, deserts, forests, caves, mountains, volcanoes, rivers, lakes, islands, and geysers. These natural US date spots can be found in the north, the south, the west, the east, and central America, but still not every city has a natural wonder to impress your date with. If you happen to be lucky enough to be living in a city with one of these, take advantage of the situation and use it as one of your go-to US date ideas.

National Monuments & Memorials

Similar to natural wonders, national monuments and memorials can be found in cities from coast to coast all across the United States. These are great US date spots to visit on a date or start a date at by asking your date to meet you there. They don't take up enough time to really be considered full-fledged US date spots, but they are great to incorporate if you have one or more in your city!

Amusement Parks

Not every American city is lucky enough to have an amusement park, but if you happen to live in a city such as New York City (which has Luna Park on Coney Island), Tampa (which has Busch Gardens), and San Antonio (which has Six Flags Fiesta Texas) then this might just be the best of the US date ideas when it comes to dating in your city. Even if your date does not like roller coasters or extreme rides, there are always calmer rides and amusement park foods to enjoy. A lot of amusement parks have live entertainment and special events, too!

Seaside Stroll

A seaside stroll is one of the best US date ideas out there, so if you happen to live in a coastal city make sure you take advantage of your good fortune. A beach or other land near the ocean is great because it is super romantic and super free! If you're living in, working in, or visiting a city like New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Tampa, or Miami, a seaside stroll is definitely your best bet!

US Date Spots: The Best Of The Best

You may have noticed a distinct lack of bars and clubs in our US Date Ideas section, and there is a good reason for that. The reason is that we wanted to give bars and clubs their very own dedicated section—that's how important we think they are as US date spots! In this section, we are going to give you our recommendations for the best of the best bar and club date spots US has to offer! These bars and clubs are some of the most popular, historic, influential, unique, and innovative US date spots that you will find in our great country.

The King Eddy Saloon - Los Angeles, CA

Located on Los Angeles' infamous Skid Row, The King Eddy Saloon has been one of the most popular US date spots in the country since 1933. Its old school vibe comes from actually being old school, being a favorite of famous artists, writers, musicians, and actors (including Charles Bukowski, John Fante, and Kiefer Sutherland) for decades. They offer tons of beer and cocktails options along with retro-chic bar bites.

Scofflaw - Chicago, IL

Scofflaw is one of the best US date spots to check out if you and your date are lovers of gin. This bar has a heavy focus on gin and is famous for their gin cocktails, such as Red Snapper, Victory Lap, and Summer Collins. If you are not a huge fan of gin, they also offer plenty of beer, wine, and spirits. It has several fireplaces and lots of cozy nooks for you and your date to get cozy. Oh, and the best part—they bring out warm, soft, freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies at midnight!

The Broken Shaker - Miami, FL

The Broken Shaker may be a teeny, tiny bar along Miami Beach but it has had a big impact as one of the country's US date spots. It has Caribbean flare and is adorned with floor to ceiling displays for its huge variety of spirits and bitters. For drinks, you can grab you and your date a cup of punch from the large punch bowl by the door or order one of their weird-but-somehow-it-works cocktails, such as a mole mezcal manhattan, a mushroom old-fashioned, or something with kale or celery juice.

Coup - New York City, NY

Coup is one of the few US date spots that you can truly feel great about checking out. At this bar, 100% of the profits from alcoholic beverages are donated to charity! It has the bonus of making you look both caring and compassionate and on trend. Here, you can get all the classic cocktails along with beer, wine, and bar snacks.

Porco Lounge & Tiki Room - Cleveland, OH

When you're looking for the country's most fun US date spots, tiki bars are a great idea and the Porco Lounge & Tiki Room in Cleveland is one of the best around—it was even named one of the "Best Tiki Bars in America" by The Food Network! Here you can get totally Instagram-worthy cocktails.

Addison Point - Dallas, TX

If you are a little more adventurous, US date spots like Addison Point are a good choice. Why? Karaoke! As long as you are not visiting on a Tuesday, this bar has karaoke starting at 10 PM every single night. Prepare to impress your date, either through your amazing voice or your incredible bravery!

The Bungalow - Santa Monica, CA

The Bungalow is one of young America's favorite nightlife hot spots, but during the day it is one of the absolute best US date spots for grabbing afternoon drinks with an ocean view. Here, you can get a variety of drink and food items while enjoying a large bar, an outside deck, and a games room.

PX - Washington, D.C.

PX is one of Washington's most popular US date spots. It is a speakeasy that is guaranteed to make you look cool and connected, as only those in the know are able to find it. To get into PX, you have to enter from an unmarked side door and go up a set of stairs leading you to a space above another Washington classic date spot, A Dublin Chipper. Our drink order recommendation? A boozy cocktail called "Feel Better and Get Well".

Minneapolis, MN

Marvel Bar is one of the only US date spots we know of that can say it redefined the cocktail scene of its city. Another speakeasy, you have to enter this bar through a plain doorway on the backside of The Bachelor Farmer. They have a selection of house cocktails always ready to be made, along with a rotating list of cocktails being crafted all the time. You can also get small bar snacks such as Cheetos, marinated olives, trail mix, and house-pickled eggs.

Dating Across America: Your City By City Guide To US Date Ideas & US Date Spots

From San Diego to Boston, Seattle to Miami, San Antonio to Milwaukee, and everywhere in between, HookupCloud.com covers all the best US date ideas and date spots from city to city all across the country. You might think that we have already given you the best of the best here on this page, but there is SO much more to see when you dive deeper and get into our individual city pages. Below, we have listed our favorite US cities along with a little snippet of what the page has to offer. If you want to learn more about date ideas and date spots for that city, simply click our "read more" link to be directed to the full article.

US Date Spots: Astoria

Astoria is a great community and there's plenty to do in the city, it truly is a city that's got it all. Being part of the dating scene here is easy to do since it's one of the best places in the United States to be single and looking for... Read more.

US Date Spots: Boston

Even though Boston is not known for romance, that doesn't mean that you can't find hot hookup spots. With a little planning and persistence, you'll quickly see that Boston can be one of the top cities in the United States to date as long as you're willing to put in... Read more.

US Date Spots: Chicago

Chicago has been known as a city that is laid back and accepting of everyone since the '60s. That's when dating in Chicago was revolutionized and has still evolved into what it is today. In the 60's if you were single in Chicago, it was because you wanted to be... Read more.

US Date Spots: Cleveland

Cleveland has a rich and storied dating history, which is why there are so many super awesome date ideas to be found. The city has been around since the 1800s and the dating scene has been hopping for just as long! In fact, Cleveland is also home to the... Read more.

US Date Spots: Dallas

Dallas is a city that seems to kick their nightlife into high gear on weekends after 11 pm. If you're looking to hit the club scene you'll want to plan to head out on either a Friday or Saturday night after 11 pm as these are the busiest nights for... Read more.

US Date Spots: Hoboken

If you live in Hoboken, you may be itching to go to NYC for some fun date ideas however we urge you to look first in this awesome city. Hoboken has a lot to offer, from the best nightclubs spinning awesome hits to relaxing sports bars to more adventurous outdoor... Read more.

US Date Spots: Houston

There are a few things that you should know about Houston daters that are unique to men and women from this city. First of all, many singles are in the city for work, you'll need to prepare yourself ahead of time that your new dating interest may be re-located to... Read more.

US Date Spots: Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most amazing cities in the United States for living life to the fullest and that includes dating too! Give a few of our suggestions a try and you'll be hooked! Have a lovely intimate dinner at Providence or dance the night away with that... Read more.

US Date Spots: Miami

As Will Smith once taught us, Miami is an ultimate destination and party city. Therefore it's obvious that there would be a lot of great date ideas to be found in this incredible city. Whether it's a sexy dance club, laid back bar, or adventure sport, you can find the... Read more.

US Date Spots: Milwaukee

Milwaukee is known for a lot of things, but it might not be known yet for its date ideas. Well, we hope to change that with this HookupCloud list of great Milwaukee date ideas. Situated on beautiful Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is an easy city to fall in love with and... Read more.

US Date Spots: Minneapolis

Minneapolis has a lot to offer in terms of date ideas! In fact, out of all of the US cities, it is one of the best. This likely won't surprise anyone who has spent a fair amount of time in this fabulous city but to newcomers, be warned! Once you... Read more.

US Date Spots: New York City

With a city that never sleeps and literally has something going on every minute of the day, we guarantee that you will have the best date possible with our suggestions listed here. New York City is the number one city in the United States to be a dater and you... Read more.

US Date Spots: San Antonio

San Antonio is known as one of the most romantic cities in the world and based on the date ideas we've seen elsewhere in the United States, we agree that this city is definitely one of the most romantic. Gatorade was also invented in San Antonio and as one of... Read more.

US Date Spots: San Diego

Being America's finest city means there's always something to do in San Diego, so why not do that something with someone special. There's nothing stopping you from having a little fun and doing it with someone special while you're at it! Having a nice dinner or trying something that you've...Read more.

US Date Spots: San Francisco

San Francisco should be considered a super lucky dating scene because the fortune cookie was invented here! San Francisco is known for its diverse population and folks from all sorts of backgrounds so it makes sense that the date spots reflect the unique residents of the city. And as far... Read more.

US Date Spots: Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a city of incredible date ideas. Because of its close proximity to Los Angeles and all of the amazingness that LA has to offer, sometimes you can wonder, "Why would I look for date spots Santa Monica when I could be going to LA?" Well, don't discount... Read more.

US Date Spots: Seattle

Seattle is by far one of the best cities in the United States to be part of the dating scene. The only thing standing in your way of having the date of your life is the person you're dating. Why not try out a couple of our suggestions by starting... Read more.

US Date Spots: Tampa

Tampa is one of the best cities in Florida and an absolute must-visit. Even if you are a local, there are likely some great date ideas that you missed! We at HookupCloud love Tampa for many reasons but mostly for the beach, the sun, and the laid-back vibe! And here's... Read more.

US Date Spots: Washington

The dating scene history in Washington is as old as the city itself. For even with all of the politics and seriousness, people still need to cut loose! One of the first bars opened up during colonial times and while dating was different back then, people still knew how to... Read more.

Still Feel The Need For More US Date Ideas & Date Spots?

If you want to get even more US date ideas and check out even more US date spots, we have compiled some of our favorite resources on the topic here for you to access.

If you are looking for date ideas in other parts of the world, check out our pages for Canada and the United Kingdom or visit our main HookupCloud Date Ideas Index Page!

Best US Date Ideas Across The Country

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