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What Is The History Of Sex Toys?

Find out what you need to know about sex toys, bondage fun, kink and all other kinds of accessories to enhance your erotic sex experiences.


Dildos or some form of them date back thousands of years. The first know material used was siltstone. It is recorded the some were 20 centimeters in length. It is said that this all goes back to ancient Greece and ancient Rome where they used dildos in ceremonies. They actually had double dildos that were used when friends hung out these people wanted to double their pleasure. While dildos were used for thousands of years, they sure have come a long way. Using various types of materials over the years. Back in the 15th century in Renaissance, Italy, dildos were made out of wood or leather. Today they are made from rubber, silicone, acrylic, and glass. They are battery operated and give hours and hours of pleasure. It is rumored that it was Cleopatra who invented the first vibrator made from a hollowed out gourd and angry bees. A more realistic story about the first dildo turned vibrator was made by an American doctor named George Taylor. He designed a steam-powered vibrator that was used to treat what was known as "female hysteria", aka sexual arousal. This machine proved to be very well received by women who experienced this hysteria.

There are vibrators for both women and men. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the buyer. You can also find dildos in several colors. They are becoming more realistic as time goes on and producers have even gone so far as to create a bionic dildo that can be used with a strap-on. The texture and the way they look is like having a sexual experience with the real thing. Dildos are used by both sexes regardless of their sexuality.

Dildos can be attached to sex machines and can be found in the privacy of peoples playrooms. There are also those who like to cover their dildos with condoms. Ribbed condoms can give users hours of pleasure.

Vibrators are selling in large numbers and are used in a variety of sexual activity. From masturbation, kink, bondage, anal sex and orgies. There are also various types of dildos/vibrators. From strap-ons, dual dildos double ended sex machine dildos and bionic dildos. When you are in the market for a dildo/vibrator, go online to one of the links provided and find one that suits you. You can buy all types of adult sex toys online.


One of the first lubes known to be used was made out of olive oil. This was used by men involved in both traditional sexual experience with a woman and anal sex with men. Greeks were known to be quite into anal sex. Olive oil was also used with wooden and leather dildos.

Around the 1600's to the mid-1800's the lube used was made from grated yams. This was mainly used in Japan.

Another substance used in the creation of lube was seaweed. In Asia, couples would boil red seaweed until it produced carrageenan which is a thick, sticky liquid. Nowadays carrageenan is used in health and beauty aids as well as in some food products.

In the later years up until today, lubes have really expanded and have gone from vaseline to jellies and creams. You can now get a large variety of lubes. You can get water-based lubes, silicone lubes and oil based lubes. It all depends on personal preference. There are also flavored lubes and scented lubes to enhance your sexual experience.

KY jelly has been around for years and is still used today. It has gone from a basic lubricant to one that comes in different forms. People are now using these varieties of KY jelly; Couples, Intense, Duration, Warming, and Sensation jelly. Whatever a couple is looking for, KY has a brand that will satisfy them.

It is highly recommended that lubes are used to make your sexual encounters pleasant. It is really important for older women who experience female vaginal dryness to use lube. It plays a huge part in making your sexual experiences enjoyable and pain-free. Vaginal dryness occurs in postmenopausal women and can be very painful and uncomfortable during sex. Women still want to enjoy sex and there are lists of lubes that can be used to help make the experience enjoyable and less painful. Lubes can also avoid vaginal and anal tears which can be extremely painful. People use lubricants and experience hours and hours of sexual pleasure.


Condoms have been around for hundreds of years. There were many cases of sexually transmitted diseases that dated back as far as medieval times. Around the 1500's Dr. Gabriele Falloppio created a loin cloth condom that was soaked in chemicals and a ribbon was used to keep it in place. Makes you wonder how much healthier a chemical-soaked condom would have been. Later on, in time animal intestines were used as condoms.

Low and behold the rubber condom was introduced in the 1800's. Latex condoms came around 100 years later in 1920. It was still documented that there were over 400,000 cases of syphilis and gonorrhea during WWI. Americans took precautions in WWII and the slogan "don't forget — put it on before you put it in", was shared with soldiers who served.

In the late 1950's, Durex made the first condom with lubrication. In the 1960's many people reported using condoms including married couples. In the 1980's there was a big movement to get people to wear condoms because of the AIDS epidemic. Public Service Announcements were played repeatedly and more and more gay men started using condoms.

Today Condoms are used to prevent sexually transmitted diseases but there is much more! Condoms now come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They come latex and latex free with many kinds of lubricants that create a variety of sensations. There are many different varieties of ribbed and dotted condoms as well. You can get colored condoms and flavored condoms. Whatever your pleasure, there is a condom on the market that will satisfy all men and women.

Bondage Sex Toys

There are thousands and thousands of bondage adult sex toys on the market today. People who are into bondage have created sex rooms/adult playrooms in their homes. These rooms are furnished with sex furniture that can include items such as suspendable sex swings, bondage racks, sex machines, sex cushions, pillows, and a bed.

Sex toys used when engaging in bondage play are things like whips, floggers, butt plugs, masks, nipple clamps, handcuffs, ropes, collars and much more. Some people have life-sized, realistic looking sex dolls that they play with, in their sex room. Bondage, fetishes, and kink usually go hand in hand.

Bondage is also used with Dominants and their Submissives. These sex toys are used to drive the submissive crazy while arousing them. There are all types of scenarios that can take place when bondage is used as part of your sexual encounter. Many people use it to get to the height of climactic pleasure. People who play properly also do so safely.

When couples, partner or groups engage in bondage, they have a discussion before and create safe words or movements to use if things become too much for them.

Everyone Should Use Sex Toys

Using sex toys can bring all kinds of erotic feelings to the surface. Here are some reasons why using adult sex toys can be beneficial:


Enhancing Your Desire For Sex: When people think about having sex it can almost be like a chore to them. Kind of like routine and humdrum. Couples today try a variety of activities and sex toys to help boost their need for sex. Take swingers, for example, they decide to start swinging for various reasons but one is particularly popular. They want to boost and kick up their sex life a notch. Sometimes they add a third person for threesomes and almost always, there are adult sex toys involved. Just thinking about your next swinger experience can enhance your desire to have sex. Using the best sex toys online can boost your desire to have sex. Imagine sitting at work and thinking of the pleasure that is about to come your way. Using sex toys in your everyday sex life really does enhance your desire for sex.

Masturbation When You Are All Alone: There are times when we find ourselves at home alone because our partner is not there at the time or we are single. When we do not feel like going out, sometimes we want to feel pleasure but there is no one there to help you with it. That is where some erotic sex toys come in to play. Vibrators are usually the first adult sex toy we think of when you want to have an orgasm, however, there are other ways to find pleasure at home alone. First and foremost, yes, a vibrator is the most common but if you are fortunate enough to have a playroom or more erotic sex toys, you could get creative. There are full size, realistic looking sex dolls that not only look real but they feel real too. There are sex dolls available for both men and women. If a full-size doll is not what people want, there are also sex toys that are shaped like human anatomy. Other ways in which someone can utilize sex toys when they are alone is by pulling out their sex machines. These machines can satisfy you and you are in full control. Add a condom and lube to your dildo or vibrator and you are off to the races.

Sex Toys And Multiple Orgasms: The biggest thrill for most adults who use sex toys is the ability to have multiple orgasms and to for yourself or your partner to get aroused time and time again. The variety of toys can stimulate the human body from head to toe, which in turn gives the user the ability to have multiple orgasms. From nipple clamps to creams and lubricants, there is something for everyone. If you are into bondage, there are so many accessories that can get you libido going over and over again. Sex toys were invented for a reason and it is quite clear that reason was for sexual stimulation. No matter how you slice it, using sex toys is the most stimulating and guaranteed way of pleasuring yourself or your partner. Along with that guarantee is cosmic orgasm that can go on and on. Wanting and having sexual experiences is something that has been going on for hundreds, even thousands of years. Technology in developing adult sex toys has gotten better and better. Who knows, virtual sex could be next. Perhaps these things have already been created.

Sex Toys, Bondage And Safety: No lectures, just a couple of tips when using erotic adult sex toys in your playroom/sex room. Most people can get very carried away and lost in the moment when they are sexually aroused. One of the most important things you can do is have a discussion with your partner before starting your bondage play. Begin by discussing what kinds of sexual activities you are focussing on that day. If there is a lot of gags and handcuffs involved, try coming up with a safe word or motions that you or your partner can use. It is quite simple and can save a lot of anxiety.

The world of sex toys is a wonderful thing for most people and we hope our research will take you on a journey to find the ones that satisfy your needs and desires!

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