The HookupCloud's Step-By-Step Guide To Sex Stories


The popularity of sex stories is rising by the day! There's already hundreds of millions of insane sex stories of all kinds of websites online. But with that many hot sex stories, how is it possible to find the best of the best? You're in luck, and here's why! If you're searching for the best sex stories online, The HookupCloud's Step-By-Step Guide To Sex Stories has everything you need to fulfill your dirtiest fantasies! Here you'll find everything you need to know about sex stories and the complete directory listing of the hottest sex stories on the web.

What Are "Sex Stories"?


Are sex stories the same as porn? What makes a story a sex story? One is for sure - sex stories are NOT the same as porn videos. Sex stories are written erotic stories, fictional or factual, which are intended to make the reader horny. That's the closest we can define sex stories unfortunately. There's all kinds of hot sex stories so if you want to know what sex stories are and what the most popular ones are, we recommend you keep reading! If you've never encountered sex stories, we guarantee you'll love the experience you'll get from reading them! Watching porn is one thing, but reading the pure passion in the hottest sex stories online will make you horny for hours after you've read the whole story and you'll be instantly hooked! You can say that sex stories are the writers deepest fantasies put in words! Good sex stories are the ones that make you imagine certain situations which make you horny fast!

Fictional VS Factual Sex Stories

Which are better? Well, this is a questing that's impossible to answer. It all depends on the reader and what he or she likes. Fictional sex stories are written from imagination and are mostly the writers fantasies which will never happen, due to moral, small chances of happening or any other law you can think of! These sex stories can be young sex stories, incest sex stories, celebrity sex stories, orgy sex stories, and similar sex stories which have a small or no chance of happening. There's also fictional sex stories with aliens, demons, angels and other mythical creatures which don't exist but some people fantasize about! On the other hand, factual sex stories have happened to the writer, in history or to someone else. These stories can be a little bit sexier to some readers because there's a chance of the same thing happening to the reader! You'll get to read about the naughtiest things people have done in hot and horny situations, how they've reacted or how they experienced certain situations. You'll find first time sex stories to be one of the popular categories for virgin readers. As we said, this question is impossible to answer correctly.

How To Choose The Right Category And Sub-Category


This is also an individual question and it can be only answered by the preference of the reader. You'll find several categories and sub-categories in The HookupCloud's Step-By-Step Guide To Sex Stories and it's up to you to choose the ones that fit you! Although this directory has narrowed your search down a LOT, it still has more than 200 different sites full of amazing sex stories. To save time, you should think about what kind of hot sex stories you're interested in! You'll come across several categories which include: General Sex Stories, Niche Sex Stories which has the most sub-categories, BDSM Sex Stories and LGBT Sex Stories. First-things-first is to choose which one of these categories suits you best! If you're into classic sex stories with nothing too kinky and wild, then choose the General Sex Stories category, but if you find any other category interesting, then join the one you think will fit your fantasies best! You'll find short descriptions of every category in this directory so keep on reading.

After you've thought about the category you want to choose, it's time we take things further down the road. You'll get to choose once again, but this time a more specific sub-category or more sub-categories if you have more than one interest. There's lots of sub-categories in this directory, so we'll leave it to you to go over it once you finish reading this! Every sub-category includes ten amazing sites with tons of top rated sex stories you'll enjoy reading! Some sites offer hundreds sex stories, some offer thousands and some offer millions! Which ever site you choose to visit or join, one thing is for sure - you'll be pleased with the sex stories you'll find!

General Sex Stories

Ah, the General Sex Stories... You don't know what it's about do you? Well, thankfully, we've thought about that as well so we'll try to explain as best as we can what kind of sex stories you'll find in the General Sex Stories category. To say it as simple as possible, the General Sex Stories category features sub-categories of sex stories which can't be put anywhere else. This doesn't mean that they are bad or uninteresting, it just means you can't put them in a specific place. You'll find Free Sex Stories, Premium Sex Stories, Erotic Sex Stories and Fan Fiction Sex Stories here! Some people are searching only for sites which have free sex stories, some search for sites with tons of features, fan-submitted stories or erotic sex stories. None of these sub-categories can be placed in any other category so that's why the General Sex Stories category is in this directory!

Niche Sex Stories

The Niche Sex Stories category has the most sub-categories available. If you're thinking about choosing sites from this category but you're still not sure what you'll find, we'll explain what you can expect. When you take a look at this category, you'll find highly-specific sub-categories which may or may not be of interest to you so we recommend you do the research and see all the sub-categories you'll find for the Niche Sex Stories category in this directory. The Niche Sex Stories category includes sub-categories such as young, mature, MILF, interracial, Indian and similar sub-categories, so if you have interest in some highly-specific sex stories, check out the entire listing to find your ideal sub-category!

BDSM Sex Stories

The BDSM Sex Stories category is for those who know what BDSM means. If you're curious what BDSM stands for, it's bondage, domination, sadism and masochism. If you're into this kind of stuff, feel free to look around and check out the sites in the BDSM Sex Stories category. The sub-categories you'll find in this category are alt sex stories, kinky sex stories and bondage sex stories. If you're into this kind of sex stories, you'll enjoy every site you choose to visit! You'll find sex stories about whipping, bondage, cuffing, humiliation and everything else BDSM related!

LGBT Sex Stories

The LGBT Sex Stories category is self-explanatory and people who choose this category usually know what the letter stand for. If you don't know, this is what LGBT means - lesbian, gay, bisexual and transexual, so if you're part of any of these communities, you'll surely enjoy the sites you'll find in this category! You'll also enjoy if you like reading about girl-on-girl, boy-on-boy-on-girl action or any other kinky combination you can think of! The sub-categories in this category are for sites that include Lesbian Sex Stories, Gay Sex Stories, Bisexual Sex Stories and Transexual Sex Stories! If you're a part of the fast-growing LGBT community, you'll have fun for hours to come!

The HookupCloud Sex Stories Directory


Ok, so we've explained what you can expect in each category and now it's time you get the entire HookupCloud Sex Stories Directory with all the categories and sub-categories we wrote about. No matter if you choose the General Sex Stories, Niche Sex Stories, BDSM Sex Stories or LGBT Sex Stories category, you'll surely find tons of amazingly hot sex stories to read and enjoy! All you need to do is click on the link next to the category or sub-category you choose!

What To Do Now?


So, you have read all the way to the bottom of our HookupCloud Sex Stories Directory and you're not sure what to do? Well, there's a couple of things you can do... Alright, there's not so much you can do, but you can do two things! Go a few inches up and check all the categories and sub-categories of sex stories again and choose your favorite ones wisely! You wouldn't want to choose the wrong category and sub-category because you'll end up wasting your time on sex stories which don't interest you one little bit! Imagine reading a story for 15 minutes, everything is fine, you start imagining the scenes in your head and you end up reading about male-on-male whipping, cuffing, pegging and anything else gay related and you're straight and you imagined a busty blonde... It sucks doesn't it?

The other thing you can do to get the best possible experience with sex stories is written below!

Start Reading The Best Sex Stories You'll Find On The Web!

The only thing we can recommend is to start reading the hot sex stories you're into! Creating this amazing directory took months of research, organization, writing and testing, so you could get the best of the best when it comes to sex stories in the HookupCloud Sex Stories Directory! All the featured sites were previously checked by our staff members to make sure they're working and that they offer quality content! No matter what kind of kinky content you're looking for or what kind of sex stories turn you on, you'll find hundreds of sites where you'll surely find exactly the sex stories you were searching for! Just scroll a few inches back and choose your favorite sex stories category and sub-category by clicking on the link! It's easy as that! If you've never visited a sex stories website, you're going to enjoy every minute spent there, especially if you quickly find the hottest and most incredible sex stories which will fulfil your dirtiest desires!

The HookupCloud's Step-By-Step Guide To Sex Stories

If you're searching for the best sex stories online, the HookupCloud's Step-By-Step Guide To Sex Stories has everything you need to fulfill your fantasies!

The HookupCloud's Step-By-Step Guide To Sex Stories