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LGBT Hookup Forum Sites is the place to be if you have anything to talk about that has to do with LGBT. You may be going through a hard time, aren't sure whether or not it's time to come out, or you may have some sort of problem with your partner. Whatever it is, there is going to be a forum for you. Whether you start one or respond to one, you could be making a difference! has the absolute best Gay Hookup Forums!

  • Always Active & Online! is a great gay hookup forum website to use if you are looking to come out to your family and friends. There are many people who are going through and who have gone through what you're going through now. There are tons of people on who are waiting to give advice on the topic of coming out. is the best gay hookup forum website for coming out!

  • Always Active & Online!
  • Discussions On Everything LGBT & Coming Out is a gay hookup forum website where you are able to speak up about anything you'd like. There are tons of boards and categories that are for the LGBT community. If you are wondering about anything or have been wanting to talk to someone, this is a very safe place to come and talk about your feelings. is a great site for gay hookup forums!

  • Always Active & Online
  • Gay Hookup Forums
  • Tons Of Categories is a safe place where you can talk about absolutely anything you want. There are so many people who are constantly on HardwareZone that there will always be a response to your post. There will be at least a few people who will be able to relate to your situation. Make sure to check out this site! is the best place to go for all of your gay hookup forums!

  • Gay Hookup Forums!
  • Always Active!
  • All Of The Best Members has a ton of great love, relationship, sex and hookup forums that are helpful for all. Whether you are looking for advice or are just browsing, you will be able to learn and find pleasure. When on, you will also be able to find great hookups with local singles. has all of the hookup forum information that you need for the best online forum experience ever!

  • Make Friends & Connections
  • Find Local Hookups
  • Always Active & Online
  • Ask Questions & Get Answers! Is the female-only community where women of all sexual orientations can feel safe to share, learn, and have fun! This website offers many different forums with topics ranging from relationship advice, to music and hobbies, to fun internet games. There's something for everyone on, where the security and privacy of women's interactions are held in high regard. With an application process that ensures only females are accepted, it a site for a by the proud women of Nigeria. offers tons of different interaction and discussion within the female community!

  • Relationship Forums
  • Online Gaming Forums
  • Entertainment Forums
  • Creative Literature Forums has all of the topics you need to get through a bad relationship or even a bad sex partner. There are advice columns on advice columns that must be seen! After clicking on, you will see that there are so many links and forums to take advantage of. Make sure to check out DateHookup today for all of your questions to be answered. has the love, sex and relationship forums for you!

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  • Get The Advice You Need Fast, Easy & Free! Is the big-brother website of for those who find themselves searching for something a little more mature. Whether you are looking for older men to connect with or just want more sophisticated conversation, is the place for you! Take part in chats and polls regarding the gay lifestyle and everything current in the gay community. Has all the best forum discussions and video chats constantly happening live!

  • Gay Hookup Forum
  • Meet New Friends and Potential Lovers
  • Share Ideas and Thoughts to the Community Is the staple hub for all the latest news in the feminist and lesbian community. With content including movies, music, literature, and interactive chat forums and personal profiles, this is your all-in-one stop for the latest in the lesbian community! Is the place to visit for all the latest news in pop culture and notable lesbian celebrities!

  • Lesbian Celebrity Interviews
  • Gay Hookup Forum
  • Latest Pop Culture News
  • Movie and Book Reviews
  • Video Gallery
  • Exclusive Member Features is a great place for the transgender community to get together and talk. There are so many interesting and important topics on TGBoards that you would really be missing out on if you choose not to visit. Not only are there many discussions, but there are also a ton of transgender people looking for a hookup! If you are looking for the same thing you will be sure to find it here! has everything Transgender!

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The #1 LGBT Hookup Forum Websites

Are you a part of the LGBT community and don't know where to talk about certain things? You will be able to discuss anything with others who understand.

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