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General Hookup Forum Sites has dating forums for you and anyone else under the sun. This website is open to anyone of any gender or sexuality. You are able to talk about whatever you may have trouble talking about with friends, or maybe you just need some better advice. has some of the best and safest dating forums on the internet!

  • Always Someone To Help & Listen!
  • Always Open! 24/7 Chats
  • Totally Free! has some of the best relationship & sex talk forums! There are tons of people online who are wanting to answer and help you out with any questions that you may have concerning your everyday relationships. No matter what you're wanting to talk about, there is always someone who can relate! is always buzzing with those who have questions, and also those who have experience & answers!

  • Always Free & Always Open! 24/7 Forum
  • Great Advice From Real People! is a hookup forum where you are able to speak loudly about anything that is on your mind. There are a lot of topics that come up on this site forum that would be able to help anyone. No matter who you are, what you look like or what you believe in, there is tons of advice and also people looking for hookups! has the hookup forum you're looking for!

  • Free
  • A Safe Place To Chat
  • Always Active's hookup forum was created as a safe place for individuals to not only post and respond about issues, but to also find hookups. A lot of hookup forums are mainly used for question and answers to relationships, but while using, you will always be able to find physical hookups in your local area. has a great hookup forum for you to engage in.

  • Always Active & Online
  • Free
  • Relationship, Sex & Hookup Advice! has a hookup forum for everyone. No matter what gender you are or what you believe in, there will be something for you to learn here. If you are posting, there are always tons of people to help out and respond to your comments. If you are by-standing, there are a lot of interesting things to learn when it comes to sex, relationships, and hookups. You are also able to private chat with others in the group! has tons of interactions and is always online & active!

  • Free!
  • Public & Private Chats Available has the hookup forums that you want to be a part of. These chats are for everyone. There are so many dating, relationship and sexual issues that come to light through other's stories that you will always learn something or other. is not only great for talking about issues that you may be having, but they are also great for finding hookup partners. makes it simple for you to relate and talk to other people just like you!

  • Always Active! has all of the dating and hookup forums that you need in order to find the hookup partner that you've been searching for. There are forums for many types of people and types of fetishes. Being interested in any of the listed forums can bring you one step closer to having that date you've wanted for so long! is one of the best places to find a hookup forum that suits you!

  • Free
  • Always Active & Online!
  • Hot Local Singles is a hookup forum where you can chat and receive advice from people who have lived through the experiences that you may be going through at the moment. There are different forums that you are able to check into. These forums include; beginners, general, tactic & techniques, field reports, advanced, relationships, lifestyle, sex and off topic. These were all created to help you and others like you! has hookup forums for everyone and every question concerning; sex, relationships and hookups!

  • Always Active!
  • Caring Users Who Are Interested In Helping And Being Helped! has a ton of adult forum's where you will be able to chat in large groups about what you are looking for in a hookup. You can meet and get together with people who have interests similar to your own. This can be exciting if you happen to meet someone who you are able to click with! With, you will always be able to find someone to talk to or to hookup with!

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At, you never have to worry about judgment or anything of that nature. This hookup forum has everyday people like you who are looking for advice or conversation concerning their sex or relationship life! There are also people looking to hook up. If you are looking to talk about anything, this is a very safe place to do so. always has users online ready to ask or give advice! Bring your conversation to the table.

  • Caring & Interesting People
  • Always Free & Always Active

The Top 10 General Hookup Forum Sites

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