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HookupCloud's Ultimate Dating, Hookup, Sex & Relationship Advice has created the ultimate guide to dating, hookup, relationship, and sex advice and now we are ready to bestow this information onto you. Searching all over the web for the answers to each and every question you have can be tiring, tedious, and—a lot of the time—fruitless. With this guide that HookupCloud has constructed, you can bypass the whole process and find every bit of information that you need all in one place. Below, we will introduce all the aspects of the guide as well as present you with the four sections of our guide: Dating Advice, Hookup Advice, Sex Advice, and Relationship Advice.


Dating Advice, Hookup Advice, Sex Advice, & Relationship Advice—It's All Here!

From dating advice to hookup advice to sex advice and more, we here at are here to provide you with everything you need: top-notch answers to all your curious questions and superb advice on topics you never knew you needed. Our goal with this guide is to create a place where anyone can further their knowledge and where our readers can always revisit whenever they need answers. Below, we will go through the WHAT, WHO, WHERE, HOW, and WHEN of our four-part guide and make sure you are fully prepared to receive all the information that we have to offer.

WHAT Is This Guide About?

This HookupCloud guide is about many things, both broad and specific. In terms of broad topics, as we mentioned above, we have broken down our guide into four distinct sections: Dating Advice, Hookup Advice, Sex Advice, and Relationship Advice. Within those four sections, there are a total of forty articles, each with their own specific topic. From How To Stand Out On Your Hookup Dating Profile to How To Have Sex Last Longer In And Out Of Bed to How To Succeed With Your Long Distance Relationship and more, this HookupCloud guide covers everything and anything within the dating advice, hookup advice, sex advice, and relationship advice realms.

WHO Is This Guide Is For?

There is really no one who this guide isn't for! No one in the world knows EVERYTHING about dating, hookups, sex, and relationships, so we guarantee that there is useful information and advice within this guide for anyone and everyone who participates in dating, hookups, sex, and/or relationships. More specifically, though, this guide is for those who are seeking answers to questions in the dating, hookups, sex, and relationships realm or those who are looking to improve themselves and their relationships with dating advice, hookup advice, sex advice, and relationship advice.

WHERE Is This Guide To Be Used?

Our guide is really meant to be put into use in any place where dating, hookups, sex, and/or relationships happen or have the potential to happen. From coffee shops, bars, and other venues where potential partners may be found, to hookup apps and dating sites where you connect online with locals for hookups, to the best date, proposal, and vacation spots all over the world for you and your boo, this HookupCloud guide can be used in a wide variety of places. For example, articles like How To Stand Out On Your Hookup Dating Profile and How To Tell You Are Being Cyberstalked are obviously specific to hookup apps and online dating sites, whereas articles like How To Give Her The Best Head Of Her Life and How To Let Go Of Toxic AF Relationships pertain more to interactions with people in your personal environment.

HOW Do You Use This Guide?

With regards to how to use this guide successfully, we strongly encourage you to read through each and every advice article that we have created and take in the information and that we have offered. At first glance, you may not understand why an article like How To Turn A Fvckboy Into A Real Man or How To Succeed With Your Long Distance Relationship could help you personally, but we promise that each article will not only have obvious relevance to your life inside, but will also surprise you with information that will help you later on.

WHEN Can You Get Started?

When can you get started? Right now! There is no time like the present when we are talking about getting your fill of dating advice, hookup advice, sex advice, and relationship advice. No matter what phase of your life you are currently in, you will be able to benefit from the advice that is offered here in our guide. Directly below this paragraph, you will discover our four advice article sections (dating advice, hookup advice, sex advice, and relationship advice) and be privy to our full and complete listing of links that will direct you to each individual article. With all of that right at your fingertips right now, there is no better time than right now to get started!


The HookupCloud Dating Advice Guide

Here it is, the first of our HookupCloud advice sections: Dating Advice. Below, you will find ten dating advice articles that we have thoroughly researched and expertly collated into the most helpful and useful documents possible. These dating advice articles range from How To Get Over Your Ex Once And For All to How To Manage Your Online Dating Emails to How To Unfriend The Friend Zone and include seven more exclusive topics to explore. If you think that dating advice is not something that you personally need, just hold on for another minute! Read on to understand why dating advice is important—for you, and everyone else! Why Dating Advice Is Important: Even if you are looking just for sex advice or just for hookup advice, dating advice can be an important topic that you do not want to overlook. Perhaps you are thinking about the fact that you aren't dating right now. Or perhaps you are thinking that nothing in the dating advice section could possibly help you out in another area of your life. But—think about this example: maybe, one day in the future, you start dating someone you really love, but you screw it up immediately because you didn't know how to handle it, because you never read our dating advice articles. Or, think about this: something you learn in the dating advice area could help you greatly in the hookup advice area of your life. For example, in our How To Avoid Being Catfished article, you will learn about the technique that scammers use to steal money from unsuspecting individuals called catfishing. It is a technique that is most often used on online dating sites, but that can also be used on hookup apps, so it would be in your best interest to learn it whether you are looking for hookup advice OR dating advice.

How To Avoid Being Catfished

A lot of people have been catfished in one way or another. It can be something simple, or in some cases, the case of being catfished can be a lot more complicated. The world of online dating and connecting can be a lot of fun, but there are also some… Read more.

How To Get Over Your Ex Once And For All

It can be really difficult to let go of a past relationship, and get over your ex. When you've invested a lot of time and love into them, getting over your ex can seem impossible at times. If you really want to get over them, there are a lot of… Read more.

How To Improve Your Summer Dating Game

Summer is here! It's time to put yourself out there, and start making the most of summer dating! If you're looking for some information on how to keep your summer dating game tight is here to hook you up with some great tips! It's the most exciting time of year… Read more.

How To Know You're About To Be Ghosted

Being ghosted is probably one of the most unpleasant experiences we can have in the dating game today. It's not fun, it hurts, it's frustrating, it's confusing - it seriously sucks! So, how do you know if you're about to be ghosted? There are some ways that you can tell, and… Read more.

How To Let Go Of Toxic AF Relationships

One of the hardest things to get out of at times, is the toxic AF relationship. There's so much drama and heartache. We keep getting sucked back in. For some reason, we can't seem to get enough. Why is that? Well, there are a lot of reasons. The excitement, the… Read more.

How To Manage Your Online Dating Emails

The convenience of online dating is a great thing in this busy day and age, but those online dating emails can really start to add up! It's not always easy to decide who does and who doesn't make the cut, so when it comes to keeping your online dating emails… Read more.

How To Tell You Are Being Cyberstalked

We all love the internet for the convenience it offers us for everything from finding immediate answers to questions, to shopping, to dating, to social media, and more. There are some some other things that the internet brings as well, and in some cases, particularly with our social media accounts… Read more.

How To Turn A Fvckboy Into A Real Man

When it comes to dating a fvckboy, I'm pretty sure we've all done it. Whether purposely or unwittingly, we've all been on the receiving end of a fvckboy and his nonsense. It's sad but true, that we all fall for a fvckboy now and then, and we're left wondering how… Read more.

How To Unfriend The Friend Zone

We all need to seek out a little bit of advice from time to time and if you came here looking for some advice on getting out of the friend zone, you've come to the right place! HookupCloud has got the information you need to help you best identify the… Read more.

What Is Breadcrumbing?

When it comes to the dating game, there are a lot of variables that come into play. We're all looking to find the right person for us, and there's often a long path we have to go walk before we get to that point. Unfortunately, as we're all looking for… Read more.


The HookupCloud Hookup Advice Guide

Up next, the second of our HookupCloud advice sections: Hookup Advice. Below, you can explore our next ten advice articles, all created with the same care and attention and all filled with helpful advice and useful information of the same quality. These hookup advice articles range from Are They "Hookup" Or "Bae" Material? to How To Hook Up On The First Date to Which Countries Have The Sexiest Women To Hook Up With? and include seven more exclusive topics for you to discover. And—as with the first section of dating advice—read on to find out why our hookup advice can be relevant to you even if you can't think of a reason why. Why Hookup Advice Is Important: Even if you are only looking for dating advice or relationship advice, hookup advice can be a very helpful topic to become versed in. Similar to what we explained in Why Dating Advice Is Important above, advice from our hookup advice section may cross over into one of our other advice areas or may have a use that becomes apparent in your future. For example, in our Which Countries Have The Sexiest Women To Hook Up With? article, you will find out which countries across the world have the hottest women to hook up with. Maybe right now you are focused on getting relationship advice to help with your marriage and it leads to your wife admitting she'd like to spice up your sex lives with a threesome... wouldn't it be useful to know which countries to suggest for an erotic vacation?

Are They "Hookup" Or "Bae" Material?

When it comes to finding out whether or not they are a bae or a hookup, this is the article you need. The question at hand is are they a bae or hookup material? We will walk you through what bae and hook up mean, we will discuss the signs… Read more.

How To Break Off A Casual Hookup

There is nothing more awkward than breaking up with a hookup. There is so much up in the air… like were the two of you even a thing? Do you really need to have this conversation? Do you need to officially end it? Well we want to make sure that… Read more.

How To Hook Up On The First Date

Not everyone out there is insanely charming and can hook up with a girl on the first date. Some of us need a little bit of help. There is nothing wrong with that. So, how do you hook up on the first date? Let us tell you how to hook… Read more.

How To Stand Out On Your Hookup Dating Profile

Having a hookup dating profile can be fun, however, you need to make sure that you are using your profile to its full advantage. Let us help you to know how to stand out on your hookup dating profile. The best way to get a great date is to make… Read more.

How To Stay Safe When Using Hookup Apps

Using hookup apps and sites can be very fun but it can also be very dangerous. When it comes to online hookups and using the hookup apps you need to be safe. Especially women. So how does one stay safe when using hookup apps? If you follow our tips we… Read more.

How To Tell If A Hookup Site Is Legit

With the rise of so many hookup sites out there it's hard to tell which ones are legit and which ones aren't, so let us help you answer the question: how to tell if a hookup site is legit? There are a few major signs that you need to look… Read more.

Is Hookup Culture Bad For Mental Health?

With hookup culture on the rise and mental health becoming more a prominent issue, you might think that the two are connected. Well we are here to help you answer the question: is hookup culture bad for mental health? We've got all the answers for you. Before you can go… Read more.

Is Social Media To Blame For Hookup Culture?

Right off the bat, we can tell you that social media has greatly affected everything we do today. The whole world is at your fingertips and you can see and talk to anyone anywhere in the world. You also judge people for not being on social media. Like they are… Read more.

What Is Hookup Culture?

The newest topic on our roster with the younger people is the age old question of what exactly is ‘hookup culture'? The basic bare bones of what hookup culture is, is that it is a culture based around unemotional hooking up, whether it be a friends with benefits type situation… Read more.

Which Countries Have The Sexiest Women To Hook Up With?

If you are trying to plan your travel trips based around where you are more likely to get lucky, we have got the list you have been waiting for. Trust us when we say that we got your back. Let's talk about the top ten countries that have the sexiest… Read more.


The HookupCloud Sex Advice Guide

Let's continue with the third of our HookupCloud advice sections: Sex Advice. As with our first two sections, here in this section you will find ten unique sex advice articles that we have specially created for this HookupCloud guide. These ten sex advice articles range from How Long Should Sex Last? to How Many Times You Need To Have Sex To Burn Off A Thanksgiving Dinner? to How To Give The Best Blowjob Of His Life and include seven additional topics to educate yourself with. Below, you will find more information on why our sex advice articles are so important to read. Why Sex Advice Is Important: Again, even if you are only looking for dating advice or relationship advice, sex advice is something every man and woman can use. Unless you are asexual, every date, hookup, or relationship you have will (hopefully) involve sex, so why wouldn't you want to know as much about it as you could? Good sex leads leads to good relationships. And even if it doesn't... it's still good sex! Articles like How To Have Sex In Cars, How To Have Pain-Free Anal Sex, and How To Give Her The Best Head Of Her Life will give you sex advice that will always be useful, whether you are looking for dating, hookups, or relationships.

How Long Should Sex Last?

The question of how long should sex last on average is one that people worry about from the moment they start having sex. If you've spent any amount of time with friends, often how long sex lasts is a topic of conversation, with people who last a long time getting… Read more.

How Many Times You Need To Have Sex To Burn Off A Thanksgiving Dinner?

Let's face it: no matter how hard we try, we always end up eating a lot of food during holiday meals. Who can blame us, right? It's no secret that Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most delicious holiday dinners there is: The turkey! The stuffing! The pie! It's also… Read more.

How To Give Her The Best Head Of Her Life

When it comes to oral sex, often we can get hung up on blowjobs and totally forget that women deserve some attention too! And yes, most women do love oral sex. The problem is that they often don't receive GOOD oral sex so they tend to be a little less… Read more.

How To Give The Best Blowjob Of His Life

It's no secret that guys tend to love blowjobs. And it's also no secret that women can sometimes shy away from them. Despite the fact that the word "job" is in the name, a blowjob should never feel like work! Pleasuring your partner is meant to be fun, intimate, and… Read more.

How To Have Pain-Free Anal Sex

It's hard not to giggle when we think of anal sex. You know, because of butts. Butts! All joking aside, anal sex can be very, very pleasurable and a great addition to your sexual adventures. There are a lot of nerve endings in the anus and if they are stalemated… Read more.

How To Have Quiet Ninja Sex

Generally speaking, we always want to be having loud sex. And why is that? Because sex feels great and we get loud about it! When you're getting banged and it feels so, so good it's hard to keep quiet about it. So why would anyone be interested in having quiet… Read more.

How To Have Sex In Cars

Having sex in a car is one of the most popular fantasies of all time. In fact, in most nationwide polls, it always ranks in the top five most sought after fantasies to indulge in. Whether you've tried it or are wanting to try it, you're going to definitely want… Read more.

How To Have Sex Last Longer In And Out Of Bed

We all want to last a long time in bed. This is a fact. There's nothing more embarrassing than the fear that you are too fast at sex. We often associate sexual prowess and sexual ability by how long we can last before orgasming. Usually more pressure is on the… Read more.

Is Girth More Important Than Length?

We've been told size matters our whole lives. Whether we're women worrying about whether or not our breasts are big enough to be deemed attractive or we're men worrying about whether the size of our penis is adequate, we as humans tend to always be worrying about size. When it… Read more.

What Is Meat And Potato Sex?

Every now and then, there are sex phrases that come up that you might not know what exactly it means. "Meat and potato" sex is definitely one of them. Now, it has nothing to do with food. (We don't know if potatoes should be in the bedroom anyway!) You also… Read more.


The HookupCloud Relationship Advice Guide

Finally, we have the last of our four HookupCloud advice sections: Relationship Advice. In this section, as with our first three sections, you will have access to ten individual relationship advice articles that can offer you vital help and guidance. These relationship advice articles range from How To Deal With Painful Triggers In A Relationship to How To Plan A Good Date Night to How To Transition Your Online Romance To An Offline One and also include seven more topics to learn from. Below, we will explain how these relationship advice articles can be helpful to both those in relationships and those not in relationships—we promise they are relevant no matter who you are! Why Relationship Advice Is Important: As we have already said, even if you are just looking for sex advice or hookup advice, relationship advice is never something that you want to ignore. Right now, you may not be looking for relationship advice, and you may think that you will never find yourself in a relationship, but we guarantee that thousands and thousands of people have said that before you and thousands and thousands of them have ended up changing their minds later on in life. Not only that, but as we have explained before, there is a lot of information in our relationship advice section that can cross over into other areas of your day to day life. For example, in our Are Open Relationships More Practical? article, you will learn all the benefits and downfalls of open relationships. Perhaps having this knowledge will make you realize that what you needed all along was something between dating and hookups.

Are Open Relationships More Practical?

Open relationships are more practical for some people since it gives more choices and makes the relationship less committed, more flexible and of course, more convenient. So in other words, open relationships are not practical for everyone. However, it provides an option that may seem attractive to some. As long… Read more.

How To Deal With Painful Triggers In A Relationship

There are several ways that you can deal with painful triggers in a relationship, but the first thing is to find out where the triggers come from by revisiting your past experiences. Next, you have to face the fear, seek forgiveness and allow a professional therapist or counselor to help… Read more.

How To Handle Infidelity In Your Relationship

Infidelity is not easy for anyone. When it does happen in a relationship, how to move forward will depend on the parties involved or whether or not, the person having the affair is willing to give it up and pursue mending the relationship. The person who was on the receiving… Read more.

How To Tell If Your Partner Is Emotionally Cheating On You

Emotionally cheating can happen right under your nose, if you do not pay close attention to the partner's behavior and actions while in a relationship. Once you become suspicious, you should confront the situation head on. If there are sudden changes in behavior and work schedules, more social media activities… Read more.

How To Not Piss Her Off When It's That Time Of The Month

If you do not want to make your partner angry at that time of the month, you should be sympathetic toward her, be gentle, compassionate, and go out of your way to make her as comfortable as possible. Make sure you pamper her and be there whenever she needs you… Read more.

How To Plan A Good Date Night

To plan a good date night, it is helpful to be organized. Write a checklist so you can be more organized. Solicit help from close friends and family, if you are overwhelmed. Make sure you choose a venue or activity that your partner will like. If you are not sure… Read more.

How To Plan The Perfect Proposal

It is not easy to plan the perfect proposal because you have to be well organized. The perfect proposal should be planned long in advance with the help of loved ones in order to pull it off. Choose the venue carefully, but before you do so, the engagement ring will… Read more.

How To Succeed With Your Long Distance Relationship

You can succeed with a long distance relationship, if you know how to communicate and when you set boundaries and ground rules from the beginning. Honesty, patience, creativity, and positivity is also essential to your success. The mode of communication should include video chat, which allows for improved interactivity. In… Read more.

How To Tell If Your Partner Is Addicted To Porn

If you wanted to find out if your partner is addicted to porn, you should take notice of any unusual behavior such as an obsession for intimacy and more time spent online than is normal. You should also pay attention to whether your partner has password protection on mobile device… Read more.

How To Transition Your Online Romance To An Offline One

You can transition an online romance to an offline romance, but you have to get to know each other first. Six months is a reasonable time frame to take the communication to a whole new level, but if you can wait longer, it is advised. While communication, be sure to… Read more.


The Next Steps

Now that you have read everything in our advice guide (if you haven't, stop reading this right now and scroll back up!), here are the next steps you can take: Get Out There And Start Putting Your New Knowledge To Use: Go ahead and get your date/hookup/sex/relationship on! Whatever your pursuit is, take what you have learned here in our guide and put it to good use out there in the real world. Utilize Useful Hookup Apps And Dating Sites: Something you may not know about is that we have also done extensive research on hookup apps and online dating sites and have compiled lists of the best ones in every category. If you're hoping to put dating, hookups, or sex on your horizon, you might want to take a look right here.