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The History Of Sex Tests


It might seem like sex tests are a newer phenomenon. You see them everywhere these days. They're filling your social media newsfeeds as you scroll, they're being shared all over the place - and lets be honest - we all love doing them, because there are a ton of fun! These tests haven't come as recently as you might think, though. They've been around for a long time, and date back many, many years. There's a lot to remember and study from the past, so keep reading and dig a little deeper into this popular trend!

Sex and relationships are complicated. Let's just put that out there! How many times have you wished you had the answer to a relationship-related question that was driving you nuts for days, weeks, sometimes months on end? We spend so much time and energy pouring over questions, and feeling desperate for answers. There is a lot to consider! Back in the days people would consult everyone from psychiatrists to psychics for answers to their most difficult questions related to sex and dating. We still do this! In the history of human existence, these questions have been among the ones that plague us the most, and we're no less interested in seeking out the answers to them now, than we were 100 or more years ago. Some of the outlets may have change, but our desire to get the answers about our most burning questions where sex and relationships are concerned continues to burn deep!

There Have been many different ways to get answers in the past, a couple we have already mentioned. In addition to that though, there have also been plenty of other sources for information about relationships. One of the main ones has always been our parents. I think going back years and years, this was everyone's first point of reference for seeking out any life-related advice - and let's be honest, it's not always the best.

Likely the next and probably most popular, even to this day, would be our friends. Those in our social circle, and their opinions on whatever our current romantic situations may or may not be. These are the folks that we trust the most to give us the most honest opinion, most of the time. It's been that way for a very long, and if you look at things today, not much has changed. We still run to our friends when we need some solid advice on sex and dating.

Going forward, there was the ability to check out newspaper columns for advice sections. We'd really have to hope that week's topic would somehow apply to us, but when it did, and we were able to get something solid out of it It was a pretty awesome feeling! This was always a great medium, but unfortunately it's more about quality than quantity. Nothing wrong with that, but it definitely leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

Then you could call into the radio for those sex and dating advice shows! Woo hoo! This was awesome, because you could call in anonymously, and have whatever question you needed to have answered, addressed. The only problem here is, there's only so much time. TV shows, particularly talk shows, have also been a point of reference in the past.

These platforms were actually the birth of integrating psychology with pop culture, and we started to hear more radio shows with accredited psychiatrists, visits therapists and psychiatrists on talk shows and other shows, etc. This was when our behavior began to become a little bit easier to understand.

How Far Relationship Tests Have Come


With advances in understanding human psychology, there have been many different tests that have been developed and used as models to help determine a lot of factors about what makes each of us the way we are, our desires, and which directions we should be moving out lives in where sex and relationships are concerned. Many findings with regards to the study of human psychology have been used to create successful models for diagnosing various human behaviors, and more, making it also very easy to begin determining compatibility, before even meeting someone.

Here we are now, living in the information age with access to a wealth of information to understand various human behaviors and better diagnose them. Over the years, this information has been put together by some pretty great minds, to create some effective testing tools, that can help us to understand ourselves and others much better.

All of the advances where understanding, and in many cases, even trying to line up human behavior are concerned, have lead to a lot of more detailed ways for us to begin understanding ourselves, as well as those we date and/or have sex with, in more detail. These have been some pretty fascinating discoveries, for sure, and they've lead to the ability to move forward and take a much more fun approach towards getting the answers we seek!

One of the most historically popular, and still a currently very popular source, has been fashion (and some other) magazines. We've all read Cosmo - a lot of times because we loved the sound of the sex test on the cover! How many hours have many of us spent with about 10 magazines in front of us, often times with friends, doing every single sex test in each of them!? Most of us have spent plenty of time doing this, and have enjoyed quite a bit. If we're being even more honest, many of us still do!

It usually starts with teen magazines, and then works up to magazines such as Vanity Fair. We all want to know how to have a 5 minute orgasm after all, right? If we're being honest, we'll probably be happy to admit that the sex and relationship tests are often the reasons why we buy the magazines in the first place. There's always a part of us that's intrigued by the idea of providing important information, and generating that magical answer we've been so desperately looking for in our lives, when it comes to sex and dating!

Relationship Tests And Their Current Place


The sex test has very strongly endured the test of time, and has managed to gain popularity as time has passed, by evolving along with the technology. As time has gone on, the popularity has increased. The search for answers never goes away, and the desire to do as many relationship tests as possible to find these answers never goes away, either.

Since the internet came along, a whole lot has changed, including the most widely used platform, on which we can find and complete the most sex tests. There's never been more access to more and more tests than there is right now, and online is where people are going to find as many as possible. It's the sex test hungry age we live in.

There are tons of sites that offer tests - entire web pages that specialize in them. About a million different pages that offer them. Every website that ever points to relationships will have a sex test pop up ever so often. Social media is flooded with them, and people are always sharing them. That's where we're at right now. There are tons of options out there, and you want to find the best ones available. We've got the goods on how to do that right here!

Using The Hookupcloud Sex Test Directory

It's incredibly easy to use the directory at HookUpCloud.com. We've got three steps listed below, to give you an idea of what you can do to maximize your experience using this very useful tool. The best sex tests online are only a few clicks away!

Step #1: We've Got 13 Categories For To Choose From

We've got all of the hottest categories for sex tests online. You'll be able to enjoy some great options that range from dating tests, to sex tests, to fetish tests. There are also affair tests, LGBT dating tests, and many more, when you check out the cool categories for relationship tests on HookUpCloud.com! There are more options to choose from that you probably thought were possible, but the cool thing about that is that you'll probably end up trying as many new tests, as you will tests that you've chosen to try out. It's one of the easiest sites you'll ever navigate, so click the first link in the directory, and that will take you on to step to, which will be to check out all of the cool categories that are available, and choose!

Step #2: Take A Look At The Options

As mentioned, you're sure to find so much more than you had originally thought you would. When you finally choose your category, you'll be able to click on in, and choose the sites within it that you want to check out. There will be 10 different sites for you to choose from within each category, so you'll be able to find a bunch of different options that will surely appeal to you. You can take a peek through all of the sites that you can choose from, and then decide which tests sound like the most fun to you! It's incredibly easy and it takes no time at all. You'll be having fun taking the coolest sex tests in no time at all. You'll also know that you've got lots of other great sites to choose from as well. You'll have tons of options!

Step #3: Choose The Site You Want To Visit

Now that you've chosen the site that appeals to you the most for the hottest relationship tests, you can go ahead and start having some fun! Check out the goods that the site has to offer, and if you're not necessarily feeling it, you can just hit the arrow back button in your browser, and go back to the options. It's really easy to navigate, and you'll never be more than a couple of clicks from where you really want to be. With so many different categories and sites to choose from within each, you'll have lots to check out and you'll love how easy it is for you to easily make it between sites. We are completely confident that as soon as you start navigating the site, you're going to be hooked on it! The tests you're dying to try out are all here, and you'll be able to try out tons!

HookUpCloud.com Sex Test Site Directory


Alright! It's time to start checking out all of these great sites that you keep hearing so much about! There's no question at all that you're about to start having a lot of fun, and you know those answers we talked about earlier? You'll start to find them in no time. Why waste time trying to find the best sex test sites, when we've already done all of the legwork for you?

Keep On Top Of All Of The Hottest Sex Tests

As you can very plainly see, there is a lot of awesome sex tests for you to check out! These hot dating tests are sure to help you get a glimpse - if not much more - into the answers that you're looking to find. It's great to have a one stop shop for all of the greatest relationship tests online, and now you definitely have one!

As sites change and are added, we'll be there to keep on top of things, so you can be sure that as long as you're on the hunt for the hottest sex tests online, you'll be able to find them here. We'll always be sure to have what you're looking for when you visit HookUpCloud.com.

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